Try on

Try HAX on Simplytest me in a few steps without needing to install anything

  1. Go to Simplytest me and pick HAX module
  2. Pick 8.x-3.0 or 7.x-3.0
  3. Log in, go to Administration -> Configuration -> Content Authoring -> Web components
  4. Change the "CDN Location" to be

Getting HAX setup in Drupal CMS

HAX works with Drupal 8, 7 and all the way back to 6 (mostly to prove a point). While the install routines are largely the same make sure you follow the directions for your flavor of Drupal if it has any branching steps. Drupal 8 is the easiest to get setup while 7 and 6 require some additional modules to get going.

  1. Go to the HAX project page on
  2. Download the module for your platform and follow the directions found in the
  3. Enable the HAX module
  4. Go to a node in your site, you should see a tab that says "HAX mode"
  5. Enjoy HAXing your Drupal site!

Special note on Drupal 7

In order to get the upload capabilities in Drupal 7 you'll need to download the File Entity and RESTws modules as well