Is this really real?

Yes. Web components turn your site effectively into an API. HAXeditor just leverages this fact and standards that exist in order to supply an incredible amount of functionality on the front end of the browser. We can do the vast majority of what many CMS and content solutions provide without a back end. Just HTML files and a h-a-x tag to understand how to modify them.

What's Browser support like?

Do I have to use the elements HAX supplies?

No. HAXeditor is written such that Appstore Specification is defining the elements that HAX has access to in the demos on this site. Leveraging the autoloader piece of the spec you can tell HAX which tags to load. The tag definitions and schema associated with those tags don't have to be the same.

Do these elements require HAX to operate?

No. HAX can modify HTML inside of it and then export to HTML and that HTML isn't tied to HAX. HAX is effectively writing the same HTML you could by hand. Web components help make it semantic but also ensure that functionality lives with "the platform"; in this case, the platform being the browser itself. So long as the definitions of the component are in scope of the page, the element will unpack correctly HAX or otherwise.

How does this compare to the WordPress Gutenberg plugin?

In terms of mission and what they attempt to provide, a click and build website tonight, no-or-minimal-code solution for the masses... they are the same. They both seek to reduce barriers to entry in web expression. HAX takes some critical differences in philosophy of design to Gutenberg both in technical implementation and goals for the open web.

HAX seeks to improve web publishing for all systems, HAXcms or otherwise. HAXcms (which this site is constructed in) is but a tiny fraction of the web and we want to empower anyone to improve self expression. We want to improve privacy, self sovereignty, and the individuality of all peoples on the web. HAX seeks to eliminate technical barriers to production, integration and delivery of material on the internet; all of it, not just the expensive CMS part of it. We want to hax-the-web, hence this domain name.

Some larger points of different are highlighted below

Where did this come from?

HAX is the brain child of the ELMS:LN team at Pennsylvania State University . HAX is the authoring solution originally created to power ELMS:LN and other instructional innovations and was quickly realized for its potential to transform open web publishing.

The original core development / evangelist team on HAX in it's infancy (and idea conceived in 2016, experimented in 2017, manifested in 2018, actualized in 2019):

There is nothing we can't do together.

Bryan Ollendyke - January 28, 2019

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