Understanding HAXschema

HAXschema, the JSON blob that you see as the first property passed into HAXWiring.setup is a standard way of sending data about the element in question to HAX so that it understands how to communicate with it. This is broken into two major groupings of settings and some basic Booleans.

After these Booleans we get into the "Gizmo" section. A Gizmo is what internal to the code base we're calling a custom element as it is represented in HAX interfaces like the Make  area. The reason for this is so that the word element isn't everywhere or else it would get too confusing. A Gizmo describes the way HAX should reference this item in interfaces.

A detailed example below in the comments

Settings for wiring up to HAX

Settings forms for HAX capable elements are grouped into three different areas. The quick settings segment of the schema provides quick edit, singular properties on the UI as icons. This is present when you select an item in HAX (see screenshot).

Video player when selected in a body of content shows the quick settings Dark theme option when selected on the previous UI

Configure block

The configure section shows up when moving on to the settings manager

In context bar with the Settings gear highlighted for selection

After hitting settings, you'll see the manager open up defaulted to the configure settings display.

Top of the configuration form displayed after hitting settings

Advanced block

The advanced section shows up when in the configuration manager is open and the user selects Advanced

Advanced button selected and revealing the advanced block of settings for the element