HAX encompasses many different projects

This roadmap illustrates all the projects related to HAX and ELMS:LN, which HAX comes from. The little settings gears found throughout illustrate enhancements and next steps for the different projects in our wheel house.

As you can see, there's a lot of planned enhancements to HAXeditor and HAXcms with a lot of additional future capabilities in ELMS:LN as a result of these projects. It's important to understand these relationships through and how innovations flow between them.

Relationships of major pieces

HAX has many different parts detailed here, so let's look at the relationship between these pieces before getting into the roadmap. HAX projects are part of the ELMS:LN organization and so ELMS:LN is also included in these roadmap details.

HAXiam, HAXcms, HAXeditor are three projects that make up the "HAX" name space, all of which benefit from being built on web components. HAXiam is a server technology while HAXcms is a mix of server and front end assets. HAXeditor is fully front-end code which then requires a backend to save and load pages from.

Below is an image consolidating information found on this site with arrows illustrating flow of innovation. Web components are always our building blocks, usually bubbling up as a need in either ELMS:LN, HAXcms or HAXeditor. From there, HAXeditor influences and improves ELMS:LN and HAXcms. ELMS:LN has a copy of HAXcms inside of it so sees improvements from both platforms. HAXiam just makes sure that copies of HAXcms are generated.

Now with this foundation you can dig into the different pieces of the project roadmaps.