Generic PHP install directions

Have PHP? well then you can setup HAXcms pretty quick. Just download HAXcms and navigate to its directory in a browser. It'll attempt to automatically install (which is to create two basic folders). If all goes well you'll see some ASCii art telling you what your password is. HAXcms seeks to be a 0 config installation so if anything didn't work or make sense, just drop us a line in the issue queues.

Or from Command Line...

Just run this one command and you'll be HAXing the web in no time! This will step you through prompts (which can be scripted via arguments) to feed the backend what it needs to create the few configuration files it uses to load.

A note on bash

If you're having issues installing via the bash script, ensure you are on bash version 4.x. Some OS flavors start at 3.x which won't work.


MAMP allows Mac and PC users to rapidly install a working webdev stack on their machine. Here's the steps you need to take if using this (or on similar site hosting).

Download the latest copy of HAXcms from github  and place this in MAMP/htdocs either at the root level (as in copying the files you download into htdocs as shown in the image below) or by placing the folder in the directory (in the case where you have MAMP already installed / want to keep things tidy).

Open MAMP and hit the Start Servers Button

Click MY WEBSITE in MAMP start page to get started

MAMP starting page top menu bar screenshot.

Now you can build website organically off of MAMP!

DDEV / Docksal / Lando / Vagrant

We recommend using HAXcms in a docker container manager like ddev , though based on above you can see basically we're just downloading and running one command to get going. We support all of the above methods so pick the one you work with most often.

Apache gotchas

If installing on an existing server it might already have apache configurations that would cause HAXcms to have issues out of the gate (or any CMS for that matter). Make sure local overrides are allowed with something like the following: