There are multiple ways to "theme" in HAXcms that align with the skillsets of the person doing the theme development. Know web components? Cool. Know basic CSS and HTML? Cool. Want to build something complete from the ground up? Go for it. We've got a robust templating engine to unleash your creativity.

We've also written the wcfactory tooling in order to improve the development and management of web component libraries at scale (see LRNWebComponents for our element portfolio). This isn't required but if you fancy yourself a "modern front end developer" this might be for you.

Watch a video

These are some deep dives into the HAXcms theme layer. They are great for seeing what's possible, how we go about making new themes. Now the store and state management works internally and how we try to always keep state away from designers.

Here's the source code for the learn-two-theme (which you are viewing currently) as an initial example of what a theme looks like.