Live Demo

This website is an example of the HAXeditor running in HAXcms but does not have a backend to save things. If you'd like a live demo, the ELMS:LN community has provided one that resets all user generated content hourly .

Notes about this website

If you don't see the editor or it doesn't work, try using an evergreen browser. IE11/Edge don't allow editing capabilities in HAXcms at this time and support in some polyfilled browsers is spotty (but improving all the time).

When you use HAXeditor in your own system, everyone won't be able to see the editor / edit mode, just for this website we made something special for demonstration purposes. HAX mode is activated even though you're not logged in! You can't save since this is just on gh-pages but at least you can get a sense of what its all about.

Click the bottom right edit bar and get this party started playing with all the capabilities HAX has to offer!