Pure publishing joy

HAXcms is the slimmest possible Content Management System possible thanks to the awesome power of HAX. HAXcms boils content creation down to a handful of files behind the scenes, all of which are highly readable and small.

HAXcms works by loading a single "site.json" file which contains all the relationships between the pages in your site. The content of those pages is stored in single html files, which HAX is used as the editor to manipulate. The CMS then acts as a simple server technology to basically update those two files, making for easy publishing.

HAXcms has publishing baked in for Github pages. Read the documentation section to get in deeper. This website you're viewing is powered by HAXcms and the edit controls in the bottom right would update the site if this were a live HAXcms implementation (this site is demo'ing the capabilities).

How HAX fits into your organization

HAX (and HAXCMS) are trying to lead you to education's "Roku Remote" moment. By that I mean, a world where you have a very simple little box (HAXCMS) that can be controlled in a completely uniform, simple manner (HAX) that actually pulls together a universe of content and media from across your organization. HAX helps bridge the knowledge gap between content creators and content publishers. It eliminates most of the work involved in publishing (that none of us want to do anyway)!